Whoever heard of a self-published best-seller?

It may be surprising but you probably have heard of one and just not realised it.

Let me give you three examples: Hugh Howey, Amanda Hocking and EL James.

These three started out on the self-published/ indie author route and all of them became very successful. Moreover, after making it, they didn't have to worry whether or not a publisher would pick them up. In fact, the big publishing houses approached them with lucrative deals. In Howey's case, his publishing deal was just for the print version - he retains the e-book rights and sells those directly.

"Readers follow Authors not Publishers.
The average reader doesn't know and doesn't care who published the author's book.
The reader just wants a great story, and a well-written, professionally-produced book."

Now these three aren't simply exceptions that prove the rule. 

Nor, in fact, is it a guarantee that going down the self-publishing or indie route will make you rich. (Like traditional publishing, it won't. In fact, 95% of authors generally don't become best-sellers, no matter who publishes them.)

However Howey, Hocking and James prove a principle and it's this: becoming an indie best-seller is possible. In fact, even some traditionally-published authors are now turning towards the self-published/ indie route as well. It's one worth checking out.

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